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Swap Radio Channels with an eye blink, separate Volume Control, Stop & Pause, ...
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22+ Christmas Radio Channels streaming 24/7 for free, ...
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Socialize with people all over the globe, add your christmas greetings for free, ...
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crocoXMASdroid is a full-featured free radio player designed with sound quality and amazing desktop design. It supports Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/Server2003/Server2008. The free christmas version provides 22 fast streaming christmas radio channels with tremendous sound quality. The player features controls for volume, previous/next channel, pause, play, stop. You can socialize with people all over the globe, you can add your ticker messages or online greetings including photos for free. You can submit ticker messages and greetings including a link to your social network profile.

You need more radio ... more music ? The licensed version of this player provides more than 50 radio channels with different music genres (Blues, Classics, Country, Electronic, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Rock) and includes future updates.





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crocoXMASdroid v2.01+
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crocoXMASdroid v2.01 with more than 50 radio channels
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Broadcasters...get your own player now! Corporate design, radio station logo, chat, newsticker, ... whatever you need in your radio or music player, we get it done.

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