CrocoPLUSdroid - Deluxe Radio Music Player with Social Networking Features
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Video may have killed the radio stars, but not all of them. The people who still fancy listening to their favorite songs on the radio will really appreciate this awesome application called crocoPLUSdroid.

CrocoPLUSdroid is a small and neat radio player that can blow you away with its modern design interface and the high-quality sound it provides. This wonderful application is everything you will ever need when it comes to listening to music.

CrocoPLUSdroid is a user friendly program because it can be quickly and effortlessly installed on your computer and due to its easy to operate interface that makes all of its features and commands incredibly accessible. Simply use the right upper side buttons to change the station, pause or stop and the left upper side slider bar to control the sound volume.

A great feature provided by crocoPLUSdroid is the ability to socialize online with other users from all around the world. Clicking the lowest round button will open a browser window from where you will be able to send all kind of greetings that can also contain images or short text messages for all of your friends to see.

As CrocoPLUSdroid is striving to satisfy every one of its listeners it provides over 80 different radio stations that cover every possible genre and taste. Furthermore, the fast streaming rate that each radio station has will offer truly perfect music listening conditions.

All in all crocoPLUSdroid is a simple, reliable and easy to use radio player that conveniently provides you with a high-quality sound.'s team has also made a VIDEO TUTORIAL showing the installation, the main interface, the main features of crocoPLUSdroid, letting our visitors as well as the potential users of your product take a glance at the main qualities of this software before downloading it. This video tutorial is also intended to help beginners understand how to use your product:
crocoPLUSdroid Installation Video Tutorial

croco+droid - Deluxe Radio Player with Social Networking features - Only US$ 9,95

crocoPLUSdroid is a full-featured deluxe radio player designed with sound quality and amazing desktop design. It supports Windows2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / Server2003 / Server2008. The licensed version provides more than 50 fast streaming radio channels with tremendous sound quality.

The player features controls for volume, previous/next channel, pause, play, stop.

You can use special features for Social Networking. Socialize with people all over the globe by adding your ticker messages or online greetings/messages including photos for free. You can submit ticker messages and greetings including a link to your social network profile to make more contacts.

croco+droid is available as Windows Desktop Software and as module for integration into your website.

Click here to download a 10 day trial version.

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